Reporting on work hours


Analyze or export your records of hours worked

Time tracking gives administrators incredible insight into what activities take up the most staff hours. This information can be used to identify problem areas and boost overall productivity.

View and manage active timers for all staff

System administrators have the ability to view all currently active timers, which provide a handy snapshot of what staff are working on at the present moment. To access this view, go to People > Staff. If there are any timers currently active, you will see a link to "Manage open timers."

Clicking through this link takes you to a listing of all active timers for your entire organization. From this page, you can pause, unpause, delete, or log any timer for any staff member.

Report on time worked

Tikkit's reporting features include the ability to create cross-tabulation reports. In a nutshell, cross-tab reports let you see how two different variables interact with each other. For example, you can ask questions like:

  • For each of my properties (variable 1), which request types (variable 2) take the most amount of staff time?
  • What type of request (variable 1) does each employee (variable 2) spend the most time working on?
  • How much time does each tenant (variable 1) require of my individual staff members (variable 2)?

Details coming soon!

Export time worked

The ability to export time worked is essential for downstream analysis and in particular for integration with an invoicing system.

Details coming soon!


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