Vendor management overview


Use Tikkit to streamline your communication with vendors

Most buildings rely on outside vendors to handle some, much, or nearly all operations and maintenance. Even if you have dedicated on-site staff, specialty work such as elevator inspections or fire safety require additional help.

Typically managing outside vendors is an exercise in frustration. The nature of field staff's work means that they are often traveling and difficult to reach. Coordinating service calls requires a ping ponging array of voice mails, emails, and text messages.

Unlike most work order systems, Tikkit is designed to treat outside vendors as expected users of the system. Just like with staff, you can assign requests to vendors, and they can respond to those requests using email or the easy-to-use web site. (We know that vendors don't have time to learn a new software system, so Tikkit presents them with an even more streamlined experience.)

Unlike staff, vendors can only see what you want them to see. They can access only the requests that have been shared with them, and they are limited to their own discussion thread on each request -- individual vendors are kept separate from one another and from occupants.

Assigning to vendors

Assigning to vendors is as easy as assigning to staff members. You don't even have to set up the vendors in advance. Just enter an email address when assigning the request, and the vendor will be created for you. Learn more.

Communicating with multiple vendors

You may want to communicate with multiple vendors regarding a given request. For example, you may be interested in collecting quotes or finding out about schedule availability. No problem, Tikkit lets you associate multiple vendors with a request. Learn more.

Creating and managing vendors

Organize vendors by trade, manage certificates of insurance, keep track of multiple field technicians for each vendor, and view a vendor's complete service history. Learn more.

Managing vendor workflow

Vendors can accept requests, decline them, or request more info. Use Tikkit's powerful views to keep up to date on the status of all your vendor requests at a glance. Learn more.

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