Tikkit blends flexibility and ease of use

You can tailor Tikkit to your organization. Tikkit is flexible enough to handle situations ranging from multi-family homes to corporate campuses. It's important to configure Tikkit correctly to get the most from the software. Don't worry, this won't be too painful — and we're always happy to help.

Remember: only administrators can configure Tikkit

The ability to manage staff, locations, and other settings in Tikkit is restricted to administrator accounts.

How Tikkit works

Tikkit works with several different types of data. It's helpful to understand what these are:

  • Requests. Requests go by many names, including jobs, work orders, tickets, etc. Whatever you call them, requests are a piece of work that you create, assign, update, and track to completion. Requests can have a type, such as plumbing, lighting, HVAC, etc.
  • Locations. Requests are attached to specific locations, as in: "Window broken at 123 Main St." Most often a location will be a building, but it doesn't have to be. It could be a parking lot, storage shed, swimming pool, whatever.
  • Staff. Staff members are the people working for your organization who have access to Tikkit and have requests assigned to them.
  • Occupants. Occupants are people who use your buildings, but don't work for your organization. They could be homeowners, officeworkers, fire fighters, etc. They often need to be able to report and track requests.

Configuring Tikkit

Tip: look for the gear icon to get to your settings

The settings page is always easily accessible via the gear icon in the upper right:

Managing your organization

Set up a unique web address for your organization, upload a logo, and configure occupant access settings. More...

Managing request types

Decide what categories of requests you are interested in keeping track of. More...

Setting up locations

Create locations and manage locations. More...

Setting up staff

Create staff members, determine which locations they have access to, and manage their permissions and notification settings. More...

Managing occupants

Decide how building occupants should interact with Tikkit. More...

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