Request help from building staff and keep on top of progress

Tikkit is an easy-to-use system that lets you keep in touch with the staff in your facility. Make requests through Tikkit's simple online forms, and track progress via automatic notifications.

Tikkit is designed to be as easy as sending an email. Whether you need to request maintenance, a new key card, access for a guest -- whatever -- it only take a few clicks and you're done. You can even file directly from your smartphone, attaching images or other documentation to make sure your needs are understood.

When your request is updated, you'll receive an automatic notification (and you can adjust your notification preferences however you like). Respond directly to these emails to provide additional info -- no need to log back into Tikkit.

Logging into Tikkit is also a breeze -- no passwords to remember. Just head over to the website provided to you by your facility team and enter your email address to get started.

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