Adding costs to requests


Log a cost record on a request

Entering cost data onto a given request is at the core of managing expenses in Tikkit.

Adding a cost record

Any Staff user can add a new cost record to any request to which they have access. To add a record, simply click the + Add record button in the cost tracking section of the request. A form will appear that is similar to the form you use to log time.

  1. Enter a Description, say, Titanium rings
  2. Select a Category, say, Parts
  3. Enter a dollar value, call it $9,000
  4. Optionally attach a supporting document, like a receipt
  5. Optionally designate if this is a billable cost
  6. Click Save


Editing or deleting a cost record

Next to every entry in the cost log, there are edit and delete icons that allow you to update or remove line items. Any Staff user can make changes to any existing cost record, and as always, all changes are recorded in the Activity log.



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